Capacity: 100 people seated

  • Intimate, cabinet-style meeting room
  • Antiques & precious art
  • Warm yet formal ambiance
  • Maximum exclusivity

The Senate Meeting Room is arguably one of the most distinctive and prestigious meeting rooms in Rome, if not Italy. With an intimate yet formal ambiance, precious art and antique furniture to complement the majestic environment, the Sala del Senato is the jewel in our crown and as such is reserved for only the most important occasions.

Technical Specifications:

  • The Senate Meeting Room is our most prestigious and exclusive meeting space. Reserved for the most important occasions, this majestic meeting room has a maximum capacity of around 100 but is much more suited to smaller, more intimate meetings. A grand oak table forms the centrepiece of the room, around which delegates sit cabinet-style.
  • The Senate Room is blessed with a plethora of natural light and precious artefacts, including a 13th century crucifix and original work by the 14th century Renaissance painter Lippo Vanni.
  • In keeping with the Senate Room's intimate and organic ambiance, this exclusive meeting space does not offer the standard state-of-the-art technological features of the other meeting and conference rooms.

Sheet Sala Senato

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